Thanks for all your help, Aaron!  I achieved multiple personal strength goals at 52 years - old.  Went from 10 to 21 pull-ups and bench pressed over 200 pounds.


- Dan W. from Waupaca, WI


Exercise has affected my life in every way possible.  When I first met with Aaron he asked me what my exercise routine was, and at that time, all I could do was point to my couch.  My first weigh-in and measurement was a bit painful.  I recall saying I was done with excuses.  My goal was to become healthy, strong, and confident.  I can honestly say that day-by-day, week-by-week, that goal is becoming a reality.  There are times when the scale doesn’t seem to move, and it’s during those times that his faith in this process becomes my faith in this process.  He seems to know just what to say and believes in me when I’m not so sure.  He’s even stopped to pray in the middle of one of our sessions; incredible.  Before I know it, without fail, the inches and pounds drop off.  Sometimes miracles really are about having the faith to take the next step.  Somehow fears become new freedoms.  Thank you Aaron!


- Dana from Waupaca, WI



I enjoy Aaron’s perseverance and inventive ways he hits different muscle groups with the limited pieces of equipment I have at our home gym.  He has a very unique personality and carries a very supportive aura.  I feel like he really cares about my improvement and isn’t here to just collect a check every month.  As an incomplete quadriplegic, Aaron is 1 of 3 people I have the confidence to do assisted walking with.  He uses our 60 minute sessions well and has helped my wife with her feet pain as well.


- Dave from Tustin, WI


Finding Aaron was a Godsend for my son Sean.  When I first read Aaron's personal story on his website, I was struck by his account about struggling with his weight in high school.  It reminded me of Sean, and I thought that Aaron could be just the right person to help Sean.  Aaron made a special connection with Sean and has motivated him to exercise, eat better, and take care of himself.  By using weigh-ins, measuring and before/after pictures Aaron has kept Sean motivated and holds him accountable.  The results have been dramatic.  Someone who hadn't seen Sean for a while recently remarked to us that he seems like a totally different person!


- Fred from Littleton, CO


I definitely enjoy coming to the Upper Room for my workouts.  It’s very bright and friendly.  Aaron’s exercises are different each week and sometimes borrow things from previous weeks.  I’m a soccer goalie, and I find I can get from the ground to my feet faster and faster.  Plus I’m always losing weight and inches.  My goal is to win a state championship, and this year with my improved quickness, its a definite possibility.


- Jacie from Oshkosh, WI


Aaron enjoys what he does which in turn motivates me to work harder.  He shows me new exercises each week so no two workouts are ever the same.  Aaron actually makes exercising fun!


- Jennifer from Centennial, CO


Aaron has special knowledge of human physiology and kinesiology that I don't posses.  He uses this knowledge to direct me in specific exercises that will precisely target the areas I need to work on.  He also has a lot of creativity, which he uses to devise alternative ways to work muscle groups when I'm unable to perform more traditional exercises.


Second, he pushes me to go beyond my perceived limits.  Left to my own, I would often stop far short of what I accomplish when he asks me to do more.  More generally, I would call this encouragement.  He always presents a positive attitude, and genuinely seems interested in my progress.  He challenges me to do more, and motivates me along the way.


But most importantly, he holds me accountable.  There are any number of things in my day that can conspire to keep me out of the gym.  But when I have an appointment with my trainer, I never miss it.  It is suggested that exercise be an appointment on your calendar like any other meeting, but that doesn't work for me. I can let myself down an infinite number of times, but I have a compelling need to fulfill my obligations to others.  Even just knowing that I will be asked about my exercise sessions in-between visits with the trainer pushes me to be more reliable than I would be for myself.


- Jim from Centennial, CO


Aaron was the perfect person for me to have as a personal trainer.  I was hesitant at first, but after just one session, I recognized his patience, sensitivity, attitude of encouragement and knowledge.  He pushed me to my limit each session, but always with attention to my ability.  He worked tirelessly to get more flexibility and more stamina and because he was always so positive, it worked.  I always had more energy during the days that I worked with Aaron.  The variety of activities and equipment used each time never made the sessions boring----bongo board, hula hoop, elastic bands and the list goes on.  I actually learned to compete with myself in the workouts I had during the week between sessions with Aaron.  He taught me a lot and I am thankful for that.


Joan from Greenwood Village, CO


My good friend from work and I were talking one day about his niece’s husband (Aaron Allie) who was a fitness guru and personal trainer with all sorts of fun new ways of getting in shape.  That perked my interest as I had hit an all-time low as far as my fitness goes and really needed some help getting a program put together that would hold my interest.  Not a fan of working out and easily bored with routine, Aaron put together a plan for me that was full of variety, simple to follow, fun, and could be performed in my own home.  Numbers talk, so during our first meeting, he took measurements, weight, and photos so I could see progress after our first four weeks.  During that time, I had lost inches in all the trouble spots I wanted to improve along with shedding 10 pounds.  Super motivating given the relatively short time frame and positive initial results!  Aaron is so genuine and sincere; he really made the process comfortable, calmed my fears and offered his full support.  Aaron’s credentials speak for themselves, but to see his knowledge and expertise put to action is amazing.  He helped me see my own responsibility for my health and fitness, which made me accountable for doing the hard work when he wasn’t with me.  That has kept me on track and inspired me to transform my body.  Focusing on my weight and fitness goals has also prompted positive change for my husband, who is also working out on a regular basis and our diets have much improved.  Thank you, Aaron, for your guidance, support, and training!  It’s a gift that keeps giving.


- Kari from Greenville, WI


Aaron makes working out fun!  He keeps us moving and motivated by changing up exercises that work for us both.  We have been active for years, but Aaron always finds a new way to keep exercise interesting.  We highly recommend Aaron as someone to work out with!


- Melany and Steve from Littleton, CO


My husband Kyle has faced some debilitating physical issues that had left him in a state of depression.  His doctor re-evaluated his medicine, giving him a bit more energy.  Then we decided to look at getting a personal trainer and see what could happen.  Oh my, he’s feeling good about himself again and has enjoyed getting back into hunting and fishing which he wasn’t able to do for a long time.  Kyle also can finally reach down and pick-up his grandchildren.  What a change, like night and day, he is smiling again.  Thank you Aaron!


- Penny from Fremont, WI


Aaron is not only a personal trainer, he is a lifestyle changer.  Our training was short, but sweet, and the knowledge that Aaron shared with me in our year together continues to make me aware and excited about living healthy and happy.  I came to Aaron at my heaviest weight, which was over 250lbs.  My mind was ready….my body needed a little more time, but through it all Aaron stuck with me, with phone calls, emails, encouragement, laughter….and I am forever grateful!  I am now on track, with my body cooperating, and I am down 13 lbs, 2.5 inches in my waist, 5.5 in my hips. Thanks Aaron!


- Roberta from Golden, CO


I sought out a personal trainer after hitting a plateau trying to lose some weight that I had put on during pregnancy.  The fitness director for the gym at my work recommended Aaron.  From the first session to the last session, Aaron has kept the workouts fresh and evolving.  Aaron took time to understand my goals, and some of the challenges I had in reaching my goals.  He measures progress in a variety of ways, which helped me understand my success in more ways than just the number on the scale.  He is sincere and truly cares about his clients overall well being.  He even offered me a couple of free sessions if I reached set goals to help keep me motivated while I was away on travel.  Aaron has been a huge part to my success in reaching my goals and he has provided me with the knowledge and tools I need to continue being successful on my own.


- Sara from Littleton, CO


I have always enjoyed yoga and feel that it helps with lots of areas of the body.  Aaron has been an excellent yoga instructor because he integrates new moves on a weekly basis, has helpful tips on how to make your posture and position better, and he turns it into various types of strength training, all while making it fun.  At various times members of our group would have various aches, pains or sore spots and Aaron would incorporate moves to help with these areas.  Aaron is a great motivator and coach and I always feel great after the yoga sessions!


- Sarah from Denver, CO


I have been working out with a trainer since 2007 on and off.  By far, Aaron is the best trainer I have ever had.  I am a person who cannot eat the same thing every day, nor can I do the same workout every day and Aaron recognized that.  He made me want to workout by offering me variety, not only in the gym, but outside in the beautiful state of Colorado.  I had just moved to Colorado when I met Aaron, so he was nice enough to show me around the town so I would know where to go if I ever went biking or hiking on my own.  I am 45 years old and have tried it all; gyms, yoga, Weight Watchers, trainers.  I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed working out with Aaron.  He is personable, knowledgeable and very easy going.  He makes the workouts tough but do-able.  Everyone my age has some sort of injury or problem with joints.  I have plantar fasciitis, and Aaron was the only trainer that ever had me exercise that area of my foot and it made a huge difference on what I was able to accomplish.  If you ever had any hesitation about signing up with a personal trainer, Aaron is your guy.  I promise!


- Sherri from Littleton, CO


Given all the things going on in our lives today spare time is a premium.  Aaron spent our weekly 2 hours together working on pushing me to my limits and refining my posture, stance, hold, etc.  My workouts are approached today with a clear mind, and focus. I 'm not just going through the motions, but really putting a best foot forward.


- Sherri from Ken Caryl Ranch, CO


We came to Aaron with a physical problem that my 9-year-old son was dealing with.  What we got in return were not only the expected results, but also a tool set to keep our kids and ourselves flexible and strong.  Our kids began yoga with Aaron at age 8 & 9.  Anyone with young boys knows that their focus is your toughest competitor.  Aaron successfully kept the workouts stimulating for them, and challenging enough for all of us.  I'd recommend Aaron to anyone.  Our only regret, him moving from Colorado.


- The Simmons Family from Highlands Ranch, CO


Aaron encouraged me to try new ways of exercising.  The yoga workouts have been fun and have increased my balance, coordination, and strength.  Frequently, when I started a workout with pain in an area of my body, the pain was completely relieved by the time I finished the yoga workout.  Aaron changes the routines every four weeks, so there is lots of variety; and I am never bored.  Aaron is a great motivator!


- Tracy from Littleton, CO


After researching personal trainers in my area, I chose Aaron.  I liked that he could empathize with someone who was struggling with her weight since he had also struggled with his weight in the past.  As it turns out, I made the right choice!  I lost 13lbs and 10 ½ inches in just over 5 weeks.  Aaron never gave me the same workout twice which kept me interested and challenged.  If I found that an exercise was too challenging, he would find a way to modify it so that I could do it.  He built up my confidence and gave me a boost to keep progressing in my weight loss journey.  I will always be thankful that I found Aaron when I did.


- Tracey from Littleton, CO